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Playing music for Mrs. T – A Hospice Story.

May 3rd, 2010 Tom Rossi 1 comment

Playing relaxing music on 26-string West African harp, called a modified kora.

I wish to share a story of one of my favorite hospice patients who recently passed.

Usually, when I play for folks, who are nearing the end of their lives, the majority are already in a semi-conscious or unconscious state.

Over the years there have been a few opportunities when I have had the pleasure of spending time with patients who were conscious for more than a day or so, and even fewer times with ones who are awake and open to a new experience that the music can bring, in spite of their condition.

My friend, who I shall call Mrs. T, was that inspiring kind of person who, at the end of her life, didn’t throw in the towel before the clang of the bell.

Mrs. T loved music and lit up like a christmas tree when I would come to play for her. The times that we spent together brought me much joy and it was a great honor to be

able to provide an atmosphere for her to relax and find peace.

With the help of the music and the company of her family, she was able to let this life move her deeply enough

One of many nice moments with Mrs. T.

one last time to make a transformation towards resolving some old wounds with herself and her daughters before passing on to the next.

One of her daughters was kind enough to share her photos and this with me:

“I can never thank you enough for all the joy you brought to my mom.  She cleary loved you and your music. I do think your music helped her further open her heart. My mother became more loving and gentle and kind every day.”

If Mrs. T only knew the impact she made on me as well. I am forever grateful.

Listen to what the 26-string kora sounds like.

Music available on iTunes - Click image.